Development 2015

Detail: Development Program 2015
Over $14.9M was approved for the production of 73 interactive digital media projects, 40 associated television programs and 5 performance accelerator projects. 69.9% of all funding was for English-language projects and 30.1% for French-language projects (some of which were bilingual). As of 2013, the Bell Fund began offering support for TV programs associated with Low Budget Production digital media projects, these totals include TV support for both Production and Low Budget Production programs. There were no Legacy production projects in 2015. The Legacy Production program was introduced in 2012 to support the development and production of successful Canadian television programs that have received licence renewals but did not have any previous digital media extensions.
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Development 2001-2015

Detail: Development Program 2001-2015
Since the inception of the Development Program in 2001, 302 digital media projects have been awarded grants totaling over $13M. These totals also include the TV Development Online program launched October 2012 and OnLine to OnTV launched February 2014. The Development Program funding includes the interest generated by the BCE/CTV Benefits endowment.
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